• MedicalVeda Announces a Defi Based Medical Health Care Protocol
    ZyCrypto - 13 hours ago
    MedicalVeda, a Canada based medical-tech company, has recently announced a strategic partnership with ExMarkets — a leading launchpad for blockchain projects. Under this partnership, MedicalVeda will offer its native token i.e. MVEDA Token to the public who can purchase the tokens at a pre-defined price and be part of a blockchain-based healthcare revolution in the […]
  • VC Investor Tim Draper Says He Owns XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Tezos On Top Of His BTC Holdings
    ZyCrypto - 14 hours ago
    A pearl of wisdom in the cryptocurrency space advises investors to diversify their investments. Crypto assets happen to be very risky. As such, spreading your wealth across many assets is believed to increase your chances of raking in more returns. Tech billionaire and venture capitalist Tim Draper who is also an outspoken bitcoin (BTC) investor […]
  • Why This Analyst Is Sure That Bitcoin Is Finally Ready To Test $20,000
    ZyCrypto - 16 hours ago
    Decentralized Finance, aka DeFi, has been the talk of the cryptocurrency community for the most part of the month, but amidst the commotion, a bull run might be impending, says popular cryptocurrency analyst who goes by the name MoonCarl. “People are not talking about Bitcoin anymore,” he says, as a pointer to the previous weeks […]
  • Russian Crypto Investors To Face Up To Three Years In Jail If They Fail To Report Wallet Balances To Tax Authorities
    ZyCrypto - 21 hours ago
    Cryptocurrency investors convicted in Russia for failing to declare their wallet details could face up to three years in jail, we can reveal today. They will also be liable to pay hefty fines as part of the punishment for breaching the new law proposed by the country’s finance ministry. Russia’s New Proposed Crypto Tax Requirements, […]
  • Dock Offers Credentialing Solution To Today’s Data Problems
    ZyCrypto - 21 hours ago
    Despite their importance in our daily lives, both digital and hard copy credentials contain numerous risks and potential hurdles. Credentials are typically owned and controlled by third parties, which makes them difficult to verify and susceptible to fraud. As the world becomes more digitized, the ability to own and share credentials in an inherently verifiable […]
  • Chainlink (LINK) Emerges As Top Performer In Q3 2020 – What Does Q4 Hold?
    ZyCrypto - 21 hours ago
    It’s only 5 days left to the end of September and the third quarter of the year. CryptoRank has taken a look at the performances of top cryptocurrencies for the quarter and Chainlink (LINK) has emerged as the best performing asset. This is followed by Polkadot (DOT) which recently joined the top ten cryptocurrencies. The […]
  • Digital Payment Solution Utrust to Hold Exclusive Listing Sale on ProBit Exchange
    ZyCrypto - 1 day ago
    Following the success of the ProBit Exclusive Lite debut for Travala and its token AVA spiking over 260% from the discounted Exclusive price, ProBit Exchange has rolled out details on the follow up to their exclusive listing platform for Utrust (UTK).  Starting on September 28, 2020, at 11:00 KST, participants holding ProBit Exchange’s native token […]
  • Bitcoin Is REALLY Worth $15,000 Based On This Key Adoption Metric
    ZyCrypto - 1 day ago
    The bitcoin price has ballooned 40% on a year-to-date basis. The OG cryptocurrency has performed particularly well amid the pandemic partly because it acts as a reliable store of value like gold. However, BTC is desperately clinging to the $10K level at the moment. But according to one bullish analyst, the cryptocurrency is undervalued by […]
  • Gemini Crypto Exchange Gains FCA Approval To Expand Into The U.K.
    ZyCrypto - 1 day ago
    Crypto exchange Gemini, founded by Tyler and Cameroon Winklevoss, is expanding its footprint into the United Kingdom after receiving approval from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). According to an official blog post on Sept.24, the New York-based firm was granted an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license by the financial watchdog. This means that Gemini can […]
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum Holders Set to Access TRON’s Growing DeFi Ecosystem Using BTC/ETH
    ZyCrypto - 1 day ago
    Growing DeFi platform Tron has entered a strategic partnership with institutional digital asset custody platform BitGo to enhance the growth of its DeFi space. The partnership will bring two major DeFi cryptocurrencies, Wrapped BTC (WBTC) and Wrapped Ether to the Tron ecosystem. At the same time, it will enable Wrapped Bitcoin and Wrapped Ether users […]
  • New Slot Tournament “RACCOON TALE” – Could You Be the First Winner?
    ZyCrypto - 1 day ago
    1xBit unveils a tournament with a new slot game, Fairy Raccoon, by Evoplay with amazing prizes. 1xBit, the crypto casino that has it all, invites players to get an extra dose of gambling fun in the latest tournament, Raccoon Tale, bringing with it a host of challenges for treasure seekers, gambling heads, and everyone in […]
  • Former White House Senior Staffer Joins Top Blockchain Lobbying Group Alongside Visa, Goldman Sachs
    ZyCrypto - 1 day ago
    Blockchain technology and digital assets lobbying group The Chamber of Digital Commerce has onboarded former acting White House Chief of Staff, Mike Mulvaney. Finance heavyweights Visa, Goldman Sachs, and Six Digital Exchange (SDX) have also joined as executive committee members. Mulvaney, on the other hand, has joined the Washington-based advocacy group’s board of advisors. Mulvaney, […]
  • WaykiChain Launches Phoenix Yield Farming with WICC & WGRT Dual-pool
    ZyCrypto - 1 day ago
    Since March 2019, WaykiChain has launched a number of DeFi products, including the collateral lending system Wayki-CDP, Wayki-DEX, and WICC Collateral Insurance. It is constantly expanding the DeFi ecology. WICC collateral is inching close to 45 million tokens, while WUSD stablecoin loans amount for over USD 2.7 million. The assets circulate in trading, payments, and […]
  • Bitcoin’s Fixed Supply Makes The Primary Beneficiary In Times Of High Fiat Inflation- Bloomberg’s Strategist
    ZyCrypto - 1 day ago
    Bitcoin’s YTD performance of 45.95% in 2020 is impressive despite high volatility and underperformance in comparison to other digital assets like Ethereum and DeFi tokens. However, as the most dominant coin in the crypto market, Bitcoin serves as the point of reference for analysts’ evaluation of the crypto market vs. the traditional market. In a […]