• Is your country on this chart? Kudos to all early adopters of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Way to go!
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  • I can not see bitcoin failing.
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    Too many intelligent people involved all around the world. submitted by /u/Colliersinternation [link] [comments]
  • Hopefully NOT Roger Ver!
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  • Now We Are Talking Satoshis
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  • The Bitcoin News Show #113 - Blockstream Mining, BTC Wealth Distribution, Bitcoin as a Human Right - CryptoCastNetwork
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  • Want to buy 0.5 bitcoin. Need suggestions.
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    I make about 1300 euros a month, which means it would take some months to afford 0.5 bitcoin, however by the time I save up the money the price is most likely going to change… Should I ask a bank loan to invest right now or do I save and risk? Any other suggestions? I'm 19 and live in Italy. Thanks submitted by /u/cccc1255 [link] [comments]
  • What's the best reason why you should own and hold bitcoin?
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    Hey guys, I know a lot of you guys HODL, and I'm curious what your reasoning is. Thanks submitted by /u/CarefreeCastle [link] [comments]
  • Fake Satoshi claiming to have $10 billion worth Bitcoin, can't afford a good web hosting plan.
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  • How Bakkt Announcement Could Be a Blessing For Bitcoin Holders - Bitcoinist
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  • Bitcoin. The last month
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    We may look back at the last month as monumental for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. What was once a fringe idea has now hit the mainstream. The evidence: The U.S. Congress held hearings on crypto in both the House and Senate. The U.S. Treasury Secretary held an emergency press conference to discuss the state of crypto regulations. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) put out a report calling digital currency the “future of money.” And then there’s Facebook’s plan to create a stablecoin and digital payments system through Libra. While it looks like Libra may never get off the ground, it sparked a worldwide conversation around digital currencies and the future of money. People are finally waking up to the fact that government-controlled money likely does them more harm than good. So they’re seeking out better money, like bitcoin. And it’s spreading like a virus. submitted by /u/boomerangcapitalInc [link] [comments]
  • Buying Bitcoin on lightning network
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    Hi all, is there a way i can buy bitcoin directly on the lightning network? Only small amount (50$). I have already enough liquidity to receive it. EDIT: Thx for the replies! submitted by /u/pat__boy [link] [comments]
  • My grandmother bought me this for my birthday
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  • My paper wallet generated on bitcoinpaperwallet.com was hacked!
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    Hi fellow redditors! Now I’m joining the sad crowd of folks, whose bitcoin paper wallets got hijacked. As always it is crucial to know where I f**ked up or who screwed me this time. I generated my bitcoin paper wallet on https://bitcoinpaperwallet.com/ in January, 2019. I did it online in my browser and didn’t follow through all the recommendations at https://bitcoinpaperwallet.com/#security page. I’m not sure if they put this “go offline” thing there at that time, and I can’t confirm it via the wayback machine because owner of bitcoinpaperwallet.com got his site excluded. Isn’t it strange, by the way? Since the time of inception I did not use nor store my private key in any compromising way, this address was my deposit-only box. Nevertheless my bitcoins was transferred from 1AnwjJ8VrQcvwD9zNHs8jUX4djEvLtFwzy on August 13, 2019. I also found transaction to the same hijacker’s address from the address generated in May, 2019. I found it quite strange that some hacker that only have got one chance to steal my private key (at the time of creation on bitcoinpaperwallet site) used it whole 8 months later to withdraw funds. I’m eager to know if anyone have the same experience with bitcoinpaperwallet generated wallets and if there is a chance that the site itself is not legit. Thanks for your time, folks! submitted by /u/Wildwestik [link] [comments]
  • If Capital appreciation is the sole source of wealth, why does the government want to make it illegal/impossible to save money?
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    Under the fiat system, the government treats all economic problems as resolvable with low interest rates that shift capital from investment to consumption. This is exactly like a farmer who has a poor harvest due to a drought, and decides to resolve it by eating through his seed crop and growing fat(which convinces himself he's doing very well), but leaves nothing to plant the next year's crop. What is true for the farmer is equally true in the economy — the more we consume today, the less we will have tomorrow. When many people "hoard" money, they increase its value, which allocates capital toward those who are best able to invest it, but does not force anyone to spend or invest for the sole purpose of escaping inflation. The result is a continually increasing capital stock, and prosperity. Contrast this with Japanese perpetual zero interest rate policy, where money, unable to earn a return, flees the country as fast as it is earned, and you will understand the economic purpose of Bitcoin. Future economists will look back at early 21st century monetary policy as an unmitigated disaster, worse than even mercantilism. submitted by /u/MrCumsHisPants [link] [comments]
  • Most airdrops and bountyies that ask for KYC are tricky and scam . so be careful
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  • "Should I buy a Bitcoin" Google organic search result #3 Just noticed this, was going to search for "Should I buy a Tesla" but on my way there...
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  • Economist and crypto analyst Alex Krüger believes that $20,000 won’t be the all-time high (ATH) bitcoin price for much longer.
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  • Should you invest £1000 into Bitcoin instead of UK state pension? This investment website thinks so.
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  • Which companies are still not being good stewards of the Bitcoin blockchain?
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    Is there a good resource to identify which companies are still not batching, not using SegWit, using poor fee estimation, etc.? submitted by /u/CryptoRothbard [link] [comments]
  • My technical analysis for bitcoin
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  • Broke some Analyst Heuristics today (aka Privacy is awesome)
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    Today I decided to test out golightning.club because they offer a quick and cheap way to refill your bitcoin lightning channels using legacy transactions. So, instead of withdrawing from my exchange directly to my bitcoin wallet, I created a lightning invoice instead, plugged that into golightning, and they gave me an onchain address to pay. That's the address I told my exchange to send my coins to, and lo and behold, the moment the transaction confirmed, golightning filled my lightning channel. All for 99 sats, worth about a penny. There were many benefits to this withdrawal method: privacy: the address I paid doesn’t belong to me so blockchain analysts's assumptions about where my bitcoins have gone are completely broken. Also, due to the properties of lightning, not even golightning knows where my bitcoins are. cost: it only costed me 99 sats to refill my channel, whereas an onchain refill costs more than that. speed: the exchange pays a next-block fee, which is great. If I had withdrawn to my onchain wallet and THEN refilled my channel it would have taken two different transactions, likely in two different blocks The future is here, friends! Privacy is no longer hard to attain, and the cost of bitcoin transactions is going down, down, down even while their speed is going up, up, up! (BTW if you wanted to do the same thing without a trusted third party, you can also use submarineswaps.org to do an identical transaction trustlessly. But you pay for that trustlessness — submarineswaps.org is over 112% more expensive than golightning.club; the same transaction would have costed 11128 sats on submarineswaps.org — worth $1.16 — versus 99 sats on golightning.club — worth about $0.01.) submitted by /u/nowitsalllgone [link] [comments]
  • Venezuela UPDATE from the ground. 1 BTC is around 150,000,000 Bs. A month ago it was 85,000,000 Bs. (Bolivares). Monthly minimum wage is less than 5 USD (it was 30 USD a year ago). 591 BTC were traded last week using LBTC (last week was 562) which is around 76,492,000,000 Bs. (ATH)
    Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet - 16 hours ago
    I'm a Venezuelan "living" here. AMA even if it looks dumb, you can also check my post history. Biggest bank note is 50,000 Bs. which is less than 4 USD. You need to use debit and credit, bank transfer, cryptos and USD to pay anything. This after 5 zeroes were shaved from the currency less than a year ago and 3 zeroes more 12 years ago. So it would be 5,000,000,000,000 Bs. Sources: https://coin.dance/volume/localbitcoins/VES/BTC https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2016-venezuela-cafe-con-leche-index/ https://dolarsatoshi.com/ About the minimum wage https://www.venezuelanews.net/news/260700087/the-president-of-venezuela-raises-the-minimum-wage 40.000 Bs. per MONTH plus 25.000 Bs. as food bonus, total 65.000 Bs. Around 4 USD at street rate and 5 USD at official rate. AMA! submitted by /u/WorkingLime [link] [comments]
  • Bitcoin, simply explained for non-technical noobs.
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    I started a github page where I answer the most common non-technical questions I get from noobs about Bitcoin in a simple way. bitcoineasy.github.io If you are a noob let me know what you would like to know about Bitcoin. What are the most common questions or criticisms of Bitcoin you get? submitted by /u/sirlancelot1200 [link] [comments]
  • Saifedean Ammous: "Bitcoin Is a Monetary Batman"
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  • Daily Discussion, August 18, 2019
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    Please utilize this sticky thread for all general Bitcoin discussions! If you see posts on the front page or /r/Bitcoin/new which are better suited for this daily discussion thread, please help out by directing the OP to this thread instead. Thank you! If you don't get an answer to your question, you can try phrasing it differently or commenting again tomorrow. We have a couple chat rooms now! General Price Talk Please check the previous discussion thread for unanswered questions. submitted by /u/rBitcoinMod [link] [comments]
  • Hodl
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  • How Do Private Digital Currencies Affect Government Policy? by Max Raskin, Fahad Saleh, David Yermack :: SSRN
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