• If we want Bitcoin to succeed this needs to happen
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  • MicroStrategy’s $450m Investment Leading the way for Institutional Bitcoin Investment
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  • Cryptobuyer Launches Venezuela’s First Bitcoin Satellite Node
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  • No Internet, No Problem. Venezuela Gets Bitcoin Satellite Node - Decrypt
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  • A patent expired for a technique that speeds up signature validation by 25%. That's huge.
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  • KuCoin Exchange Hacked With Large BTC, ERC-20 and Other Tokens Withdrawn
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  • Daily Discussion, September 26, 2020
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  • Superiority complex
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    How do I stop feeling superior to nocoiners? Thanks. submitted by /u/Zaidinator7 [link] [comments]
  • Is it true that we haven't seen orphaned blocks in years? If they exist, how to check/monitor this?
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  • Antonopoulos: "FinCen leak ...will be used against cryptocurrencies"
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    https://twitter.com/aantonop/status/1308026648781086720 A lot of people who are into cryptocurrencies will see this FinCen leak as vindication and proof that banks are money launderers. But, this will be used against cryptocurrencies… See the correct analysis of this news is that AML/CTF and KYC don't work. They will never work because they try to control the *tool* not the *criminal act*. It's not the money that is illicit, it's the use of that money to commit crimes. I've talked about this extensively. Not only is the use of money as a crime-control mechanism ineffective, it has terrible consequences that increase poverty for billions by creating economic exclusion. So it's not just useless, it is "Worse than Useless" "Worse than Useless" is the title of a talk I gave about this topic. For the illusion of unatainable security and crime fighting we get two obvious and unavoidable results: billions cut out of the financial system and enormous corrupting power given to regulators and bankers. But despite this obvious truth, nothing is going to change. In fact, this report will be used to *increase* the use of controls and surveillance. In govt if something doesn't work, you do MORE of it. So this will result in stricter AML/CTF rules. These new rules will also not work. These new rules will also corrupt more bankers, regulators, cops and politicians. These new rules will destroy opportunity for millions more people. But they will offer the comfort of righteous rhetoric against evil while creating more evil As these new rules are applied, banking will become even harder for poor people, undocumented people and people on the fringes of society. It won't stop criminals from criming. It will stop poor people from rising out of poverty. It will make banks even more competition-proof These new rules will make government surveillance worse and will erode democratic institutions. They will make it possible for dictators to economically surveil, control, and eventually extinguish any opposition. They will use US surveillance tech to impose financial fascism Then of course, the need and value of open financial systems based on open, private, and uncensorable cryptocurrencies will increase dramatically. When all the money in the world has been deliberately broken to serve this unachievable goal, the only money that works is crypto More and more people will need to use cryptocurrency in order to participate in the global economy, because control-currency doesn't work as money. A medium of exchange can't also work as a medium of control. They break money to stop crime, even though it is a futile effort That makes crypto-currency a systemic threat, not to the economic nature of national money, but to the control and surveillance system of geopolitical money. Math money doesn't play politics, which makes it automatically "rogue" money. Open and private crypto-currencies won't comply with these regulations, because they CAN'T comply without breaking every feature and capability they have. If some try to comply they will have to compete against gov-crypto and facebook-crypto (they will lose) Then the war on cash and the war on "illicit" money becomes an all out war on the only money that still works. The free, open, borderless, neutral, immutable, censorship resistant money that crypto-currencies like Bitcoin offer The only type of money (crypto) that poor, undocumented, oppressed, and controlled populations can use will of course be attacked. But they will not have any choice but to continue to use cryptocurrency. Billions are already unbanked by fiat controls. This FinCen leak is worthy of our ridicule because it reveals the hypocrisy of those who argue that crypto-currency is for money launderers. Banking *is* money laundering on a massive scale. But the solution is not to tighten controls on money. That won't work The solution is to stop trying to use money (a tool) to fight crime (human nature). But if you think the hypocrites will back down and adopt sensible systems and laws that enable human trade and economic inclusion, you are wrong. They will double down with even more control This isn't good news. This is the excuse they will use to double down on surveillance and control. To make money a tool of naked political power. No matter how many billions these measures condemn to poverty. submitted by /u/100_Jose_Maria_001 [link] [comments]
  • No Internet, No Problem. Venezuela Gets Bitcoin Satellite Node
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  • KuCoin Exchange's Hotwallet Hacked, Cold Storage funds are SAFU
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  • Israel wants to recognize Bitcoin as a currency; "You hear that? '🎶⚡⛈️⚡🎶' That's the sound of the Country Adoption Dominos wobbling"
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  • Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor Thinks Bitcoin's Volatility Is Decreasing (3-minute audio clip from his appearance on The Pomp Podcast)
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  • As of block 650,000 there are 18499823.37744111 BTC in existence
    Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet - 11 hours ago
    Just ran the numbers on my node. If you audited the supply at the same block, you should have the same number. { "height": 650000, "bestblock": "0000000000000000000060e32d547b6ae2ded52aadbc6310808e4ae42b08cc6a", "transactions": 41429824, "txouts": 67327325, "bogosize": 5056099770, "hash_serialized_2": "745da4f4e1f749312faeb4431d3ed2aa899dce138c5bac3d9f304c03f8887754", "disk_size": 4108808771, "total_amount": 18499823.37744111 } submitted by /u/bitbug42 [link] [comments]
  • Russia Proposes Jail Time for Undeclared Bitcoin Wallets
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  • Bitcoin is the best open source monetary protocol on the planet that strikes an elegant balance between liberty, security, privacy, and transparency. It is controlled by nobody and everybody at the same time.
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    Bitcoin is a completely new board game. It’s a new accounting system. It is the most sound form of money ever invented and incentivizes authenticity, honesty, and good faith behavior at its most basic layer. Of course, humans can and will try to abuse and cheat the system, but Bitcoin has a way of snuffing out bad behavior pretty efficiently. People believe this about Bitcoin. That is why it is valued so highly….. the USD price is just a symptom of that belief. submitted by /u/the420chronicler [link] [comments]
  • Never forget where we came from
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  • Found this on our company blackboard
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  • Twitter CEO Explains How Bitcoin, Blockchain Will Revamp Its Business - Decrypt
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  • Don’t Fight the Fed on Its Playing Field, Leave This Losing Battle by Opting for Bitcoin
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  • ...or may be just buy #Bitcoin
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  • @JackMallers demoing on-chain payments coming to @ln_strike - pay to Bitcoin addresses from your bank account 🚀
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  • Absolute proof that bitcoin is underpriced
    Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet - 21 hours ago
    In the last six months alone, to fight the "virus," Canada has set up a benefit that pays $500 per week for EVERY SINGLE CANADIAN affected by the virus (8M+ people, kids aren't affected and old people still get their pension plan, etc). It also set up programs that: a) Pay up to 50% of rent AND municipal taxes for business b) Subsidizes up to 90% of a company's wages if it had to close due to virus c) Double the tax credit for millions of families d) Extended deadlines to pay taxes, removed fees and interest e) Other programs to "help" Canadians through the pandemic. Total cost of that program? 275B CAD. That's $10,000 for EVERY. SINGLE. CANADIAN. Of course, taxes for the year are plumetting as people are working less, buying less (sales taxes), businesses are closed, etc. Where did they take take that money then? Well, they pretty much just printed. Our debt went from $750B to over a trillion. And here's the kicker: THIS PROGRAM IS ABOUT TO BE RENEWED FOR ONE. FULL. YEAR. Yes, you read that right. This program will now last well into 2021. How many more billions you ask? So, what does this have to do with bitcoin? Well, $275B is basically $200B USD. That's the entire market cap of bitcoins, right there. In six months, Canada, one country, "invented" more money out of thin air than the entire market cap of bitcoins. And that is just one, small, almost irrelevant country of 33M people! Of course, by now, you got that bitcoins, unlike Canadian Dollar, US Dollar, euros (another mess with Greece btw), CANNOT be printed ad vitae eternam. When you consider that simple fact, you KNOW that bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency and pretty much the only crypto that everyone will always accept, forever, is undervalued. It's bound to go up long term because unlike cash, it cannot be printed out of thin air. Even better, most of bitcoins has already been printed. There's less than 3M bitcoins left over the next 100 years. With that being said, I absolutely refuse to believe bitcoin is not worth $100,000+ per year. As long as people choose to accept it, and more and more people choose to accept it (today someone insisted on being paid with it and gave me a discount over paying in USD), it's bound to go up, period, if only because governments are stupid and print infinite money, forever. Why is printing money bad, you ask? Well, let's face this: the value of a dollar has gone down 99% in the last 50 years. What can a dollar even buy today? In 1950, my grandfather earned something like $50 a week and could still afford a house, a car, and his wife stayed home. Today, ten times that amount is not even enough to afford half of that. Canada printing so much cash is bound to devalue its currency. Prices will go up around the board. I remember a Big Mac being $2 as a regular price, now it's $3 on SALE a few times per year, and $6.49 the rest of the time. What's it going to cost in 5 years, $10? All in all, bitcoin is truly revolutionary because the government cannot bullshit its way out of any situation by printing money. It will go up as currencies go down. And if you ever think bitcoin is overpriced, remember that in six months, one small (in terms of population) country printed more than the entire market cap of bitcoins. Thank you for listening to me. submitted by /u/nunagaming [link] [comments]
  • Google + Blockchain.com = Phishing!
    Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet - 22 hours ago
    Hi everyone! I’m a staff member of Cryptonews.net app service, and our wallet account at Blockchain.com was fuckin’ phished yesterday due to (1st – our stupidity, yeah) their flawed security system and Google Adwords combined. It really sucks and we are totally wasted since we had our dev budget over there :((( We are a small dev and editorial team, running our project for 3 years. We grow step by step, since we don’t have investments. The point is, we kept our finance in a Blockchain.com wallet since we considered these asshls to be reliable. Also, fkin retarded Google Ad system still allows phishers of all kinds to profit from tons of unaware users – losing their bucks. Seems like they’re biased or smth – as users continue to lose money due to phishing vulnerabilities, Google earns their buck on us who are clicking these malicious ads!!! Well, perhaps that’s nothing new to you. Nevertheless, we appeal to Redditors as we are now desperate to find a solution – Blockhain.com support is deaf and dumb. If there is anyone here who encountered (and possibly dealt with) such situations – please provide advice, anyone who is familiar with “white hat” methods in finding/tracking leaked funds. As for now we consider Blockchain.com to have a serious vulnerability in their authentication system. We started tracking the BTC address of phishers and guess what – it gained 4,9 BTC in a single day!! Here is their address https://btc.com/3NVjSQHtXEEW1K8pUi6hqX8BgrfefP2W8s In case you’re interested in details, we made a full post on our website: https://cryptonews.net/en/news/security/385689/ submitted by /u/igorzima [link] [comments]
  • Almost 7 years ago someone on reddit tipped me $0.25 in bitcoin in a comment. Today I cashed out at $14 profit!
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  • Bitcoin Newcomers FAQ - Please read!
    Bitcoin - The Currency of the Internet - 1 month ago
    Welcome to the /r/Bitcoin Sticky FAQ You've probably been hearing a lot about Bitcoin recently and are wondering what's the big deal? Most of your questions should be answered by the resources below but if you have additional questions feel free to ask them in the comments. It all started with the release of the release of Satoshi Nakamoto's whitepaper however that will probably go over the head of most readers so we recommend the following videos for a good starting point for understanding how bitcoin works and a little about its long term potential: Video 1: Introduction to Bitcoin – Andreas Antonopoulos Video 2: The Trust Machine Video 3: Bitcoin 101 – Balaji Srinivasan Some other great resources include Lopp.net, the Princeton crypto series and James D'Angelo's Bitcoin 101 Blackboard series. Some excellent writing on Bitcoin's value proposition and future can be found at the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute. Some Bitcoin statistics can be found here and here. Developer resources can be found here. Peer-reviewed research papers can be found here. Potential upcoming protocol improvements and scaling resources here and here. The number of times Bitcoin was declared dead by the media can be found here (LOL!) Key properties of Bitcoin Limited Supply – There will only ever be 21,000,000 bitcoins created and they are issued in a predictable fashion, you can view the inflation schedule here. Once they are all issued Bitcoin will be truly deflationary. The halving countdown can be found here. Open source – Bitcoin code is fully auditable. You can read the source code yourself here. Accountable – The public ledger is transparent, all transactions are seen by everyone. Decentralized – Bitcoin is globally distributed across thousands of nodes with no single point of failure and as such can't be shut down similar to how Bittorrent works. You can even run a node on a Raspberry Pi. Censorship resistant – No one can prevent you from interacting with the bitcoin network and no one can censor, alter or block transactions that they disagree with, see Operation Chokepoint. Push system – There are no chargebacks in bitcoin because only the person who owns the address where the bitcoins reside has the authority to move them. Low fee scaling – On chain transaction fees depend on network demand and how much priority you wish to assign to the transaction. Most wallets calculate on chain fees automatically but you can view current fees here and mempool activity here. On chain fees may rise occasionally due to network demand, however instant micropayments that do not require confirmations are happening via the Lightning Network, a second layer scaling solution currently rolling out on the Bitcoin mainnet. Borderless – No country can stop it from going in/out, even in areas currently unserved by traditional banking as the ledger is globally distributed. Trustless – Bitcoin solved the Byzantine's Generals Problem which means nobody needs to trust anybody for it to work. Pseudonymous – No need to expose personal information when purchasing with cash or transacting. Secure – Encrypted cryptographically and can’t be brute forced or confiscated with proper key management such as hardware wallets. Programmable – Individual units of bitcoin can be programmed to transfer based on certain criteria being met Nearly instant – From a few seconds to a few minutes depending on need for confirmations. Transactions are irreversible after one or more confirmations. Peer-to-peer – No intermediaries with a cut, no need for trusted third parties. Portable – Bitcoins are digital so they are easier to move than cash or gold. They can even be transported by simply memorizing a string of words for wallet recovery (while cool this method is generally not recommended due to potential for insecure key generation by inexperienced users. Hardware wallets are the preferred method for new users due to ease of use and additional security). Scalable – While the protocol is still being optimized for increased transaction capacity, blockchains do not scale very well, so most transaction volume is expected to occur on Layer 2 networks built on top of Bitcoin. Divisible – Each bitcoin can be divided down to 8 decimals, which means you don't have to worry about buying an entire bitcoin. Designed Money – Bitcoin was created to fit all the fundamental properties of money better than gold or fiat Where can I buy bitcoins? Bitcoin.org and BuyBitcoinWorldwide.com are helpful sites for beginners. You can buy or sell any amount of bitcoin (even just a few dollars worth) and there are several easy methods to purchase bitcoin with cash, credit card or bank transfer. Some of the more popular resources are below, also check out the bitcoinity exchange resources for a larger list of options for purchases. Cash app Gemini Swan Bitstamp BitFinex Xapo Kraken Cex LocalBitcoins LibertyX P2P exchange list (decentralized) Here is a listing of local ATMs. If you would like your paycheck automatically converted to bitcoin use Bitwage. Note: Bitcoins are valued at whatever market price people are willing to pay for them in balancing act of supply vs demand. Unlike traditional markets, bitcoin markets operate 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Preev is a useful site that that shows how much various denominations of bitcoin are worth in different currencies. Alternatively you can just Google "1 bitcoin in (your local currency)". Securing your bitcoins With bitcoin you can "Be your own bank" and personally secure your bitcoins OR you can use third party companies aka "Bitcoin banks" which will hold the bitcoins for you. If you prefer to "Be your own bank" and have direct control over your coins without having to use a trusted third party, then you will need to create your own wallet and keep it secure. If you want easy and secure storage without having to learn computer security best practices, then a hardware wallet such as the Trezor, Ledger or ColdCard is recommended. Alternatively there are many software wallet options to choose from here depending on your use case. If you…