A Review of My Favorite Reel NRG Slot on Wink.org
By CryptoQueen69

Happy Sunday folks, this is CryptoQueen69’s review of the best Reel NRG slot on Wink.org! You can check out the huge variety of slots through the Live link at Wink.org:


Before you can play, you will have to log into your TRONLink wallet. Accessing the site and playing the games is possible by using a Chrome or Brave browser, plus downloading an extension that lets you log into your account. Another blog post for beginners on creating a TRONLink wallet will come in the not-too-distant future.

But for those of us who already have wallets set up, here’s a review of my favorite slot on Wink.org!


There are sixty-one…SIXTY-ONE (!!) slots available for play on Wink. There are a few slot makers on Wink, including but not limited to: “A Platipus Production,” “Reel NRG Slots,” and “FUGASO.”


In terms of fun graphics, multiple bonuses and sweet soundtracks, Reel NRG Slots takes the number 1 spot. The slots are very pretty with detailed graphics and there are multiple random bonuses that make playing these slots so much fun. My favorite Reel NRG Slot is Snow Wild. Look at all the different bonuses you can get in Snow Wild!!


If you get two evil queens and one witch matched up, you get unlimited free spins. Yes, you read right – UNLIMITED. FREE. SPINS. However, you have 3 hearts that pop each time you roll a witch. Once you run out of hearts, your free spins end.

The accumulator feature is awesome. You spin and roll a ton of bats. Each time you spin more bats your multiplier increases.


The symbol overlay is awesome. A ton of bats fly onto your screen and lay the same symbol all over your board. This makes for the possibility of huge payouts, obviously!!

Wild Burst happens when Snow Wild pops up in a mirror in the direct center of your screen, and she makes a ton of wilds populate on your screen.



And finally, symbol sync. Snow Wild causes a few rows in your slots to sync up.


As you can see, there are many bonuses in Snow Wild. This prevents the game from getting boring. Please note, make sure your “Coin Value” is set how you want it BEFORE YOU PLAY!!!! It often defaults to 100 TRX per roll.



You can also set the game to auto spin by clicking on the clockwise arrow and setting your auto spin parameters in the screen that pops up:



You get the bonuses in Snow Wild and other Reel NRG Slots pretty frequently as compared to all the other slot makers. The game is so much fun to watch. While the non-bonus payouts aren’t great, the bonuses are often and exciting.


As you can see here, I’ve played a few rolls here and already triggered the unlimited free spins feature!!



Woohoo! Keep going!!



And just a few moments later…I’ve already triggered the SYMBOL SYNC bonus feature!!



AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!! Snow Wild is a pretty and fun game that has good bonus payouts and never gets old or boring!!!


Hope you enjoyed my review of Snow Wild. Next week I’ll be reviewing my favorite A Platipus Production slot: LUCKY CAT, which has a simple re-spin feature with a possibility of HUGE PAYOUTS! Have a great Sunday!



Keep it Lucky!! 👍😎

~ CryptoQueen69


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