• Bulgaria football chief quits after racism mars Euro 2020 qualifier
    RFI - home page-RFI - 1 hour ago
    Bulgaria’s top football executive Borislav Mihaylov quit on Tuesday less than 24 hours after racist abuse scarred a Euro 2020 qualifier between Bulgaria and England in Sofia.
  • Facial recognition forced on 800 million Chinese internet users
    RFI - home page-RFI - 2 hours ago
    On December 1, Chinese who access the internet via their portable phones will be required to register via facial-recognition technology. The US, citing human rights concerns, has blacklisted 28 Chinese companies suspected of involvement in “high-technology surveillance” of minorities.
  • French women "rejoin IS" after fleeing displacement camps in northern Syria
    RFI - home page-RFI - 3 hours ago
    At least three French women who were being held in a Syrian Kurdish-run camp for families of jihadists, claim they have rejoined the Islamic State armed group according to messages they sent their lawyers on Tuesday.
  • Brexit deal could still be reached this week, say negotiators
    RFI - home page-RFI - 3 hours ago
    British and EU negotiators voiced cautious optimism this Tuesday that an outline agreement for a Brexit deal could be reached this week, just two days ahead of a key European summit. But both sides have admitted time is tight.   
  • France’s oldest man dies at age 111
    RFI - home page-RFI - 5 hours ago
    Roger Auvin, who was the oldest known man living in France, passed away peacefully at the week-end, his family said this Tuesday.
  • Architect says restoration of Notre-Dame possible in 5 years
    RFI - home page-RFI - 5 hours ago
    The chief architect of Notre-Dame says the state would save considerable time if the restoration of the cathedral was based on the original model, rather than a modern rendition. This comes as Paris marks six months to the day since a fire destroyed the structure’s gothic roof and spire.
  • French jihadists get prison time over foiled Notre-Dame attack
    RFI - home page-RFI - 8 hours ago
    A French court on Monday sentenced five members of an all-female jihadist cell to between five and 30 years in prison over a failed bid to detonate a car bomb outside Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris in 2016.
  • US slaps sanctions on Turkish ministers over Syria offensive
    RFI - home page-RFI - 10 hours ago
    The United States announced it has placed sanctions on Turkey, and demanded an end to the deadly offensive against Syrian Kurdish fighters. It accuses its NATO partner of putting civilians at risk and allowing the release of Islamic State extremists.
  • Correspondent's call: Sarah Morris on nine Catalan independence leaders sentenced to prison
    RFI - home page-RFI - 23 hours ago
    Spain has sentenced nine Catalan independence leaders to prison sentences of up to 13 years, for their part in the north-eastern region’s independence bid of 2017. Former deputy President Oriol Junqueras was given the stiffest sentence, for sedition and abusing public money to run an independence referendum that was followed…
  • Correspondent's Call: Shona Bhattacharyya on Kurdish deal with Syrian army
    RFI - home page-RFI - 23 hours ago
    The situation on the ground in North Eastern Syria is shifting rapidly. On this seventh day of Operation Peace Spring, Syrian government forces have entered the are East of the Euphrates, adding another element to the ongoing fighting in the area. Turkey says it has made advances as well, capturing…
  • Tunisia election: Kais Saied declared winner of presidential runoff
    RFI - home page-RFI - 23 hours ago
    Kais Saied has officially won the presidency in Tunisia by a landslide of 72.71 percent of votes, the electoral commission has announced, effectively beating out business tycoon Nabil Karoui in Sunday’s runoff.
  • Iran's Revolutionary Guard says Paris-exiled journalist Ruholla Zam arrested
    RFI - home page-RFI - 1 day ago
    Iran says it has arrested an exiled journalist who allegedly helped fan the flames of nationwide economic protests in 2017 to 2018. Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard confirmed on Monday that Ruholla Zam was arrested, followed by an announcement on state television.
  • Rudi Garcia takes over at Lyon
    RFI - home page-RFI - 1 day ago
    Lyon attempted to arrest their calamitous slide down Ligue 1 with the appointment on Monday of Rudi Garcia as head coach.
  • Poland’s populist right set for new EU confrontation after election win
    RFI - home page-RFI - 1 day ago
    Poland’s governing right-wing Law and Justice Party has won parliamentary elections with over 44 percent of the votes. Voters were attracted by an increase in welfare payments, and the party’s stance against LGBT rights and immigration.
  • Rwanda claims closed radio spread hatred
    RFI - home page-RFI - 1 day ago
    Rwandan government supporters have defended the closure of a Christian radio and the deportation of its American pastor. The fierce reaction to RFI’s report last week is emblematic of a broader cultural war in Rwanda, which has also affected religious practice.
  • France to announce measures to secure its Special Forces in northern Syria
    RFI - home page-RFI - 1 day ago
    France says it will take measures that will ensure the security of its military and civilian personnel on the ground in north-east Syria, the Elysée announced late Sunday. The announcement comes as the escalation of the Turkish operation against the Kurds in the region rages on leaving forces from the…
  • Political tensions loom over France-Turkey Euro qualifier
    RFI - home page-RFI - 1 day ago
    France’s foreign minister has cancelled plans to attend the French national football team’s Euro 2020 qualifying match against Turkey on Monday as tensions over Ankara’s military offensive against Kurds spilled over into sports.
  • Former South African president Jacob Zuma due in court on corruption charges
    RFI - home page-RFI - 1 day ago
    Saying disgraced President Jacob Zuma’s legal chickens are coming home to roost understates the grim reality he faces in future court proceedings, Jean-Jacques Cornish reports.
  • Brexit hangs in the balance as EU doubts a deal this week
    RFI - home page-RFI - 1 day ago
    A deal to smooth Britain’s departure from the European Union hung in the balance on Monday after diplomats indicated the bloc wanted more concessions from Prime Minister Boris Johnson and said a full agreement was unlikely this week. 
  • Medvedev pounds Zverev to claim Shanghai Masters
    RFI - home page-RFI - 1 day ago
    Daniil Medvedev collected his fourth title of the year at the Shangahi Masters on Sunday following a straight sets victory over Alexander Zverev. The match finished 6-4, 6-1 to the Russian who registered his first win over the 22-year-old German in their fifth meeting.