Cryptocurrency Dawn of a New World Era by Bryan A. Cheung & Christina C.

Cryptocurrency Dawn of a New World Era (the “Book”) was written in a concise manner covering several beginner level concepts in cryptocurrency and economics.  This Book was broken into a five-part series, as follows:

  • Part 1 – of the series introduces the philosophies of, motivation beyond, and motives of Bitcoin, the first major cryptocurrency.
  • Part 2 – of the series reviews the basic concepts of Bitcoin.
  • Part 3 – of the series introduces security vulnerabilities new users need to be familiar with in order to protect their cryptocurrency from bad actors.
  • Part 4 – of the series provides answers to 34 commonly asked questions beginners may have when first getting started with blockchain technology.
  • Part 5 – of the series introduces the GBHK token created on the WAVES blockchain.  GBHK stands for Genesis Block Hong Kong.
    • I never used the GBHK token, nor did I ever look into it.  The book states the GBHK token is used as an educational tool and for the Genesis Block loyalty program.

A lot of this Book could be retrieved by simply searching the internet; however, if you have an older individual in your life that does not understand the basics of Bitcoin or blockchain technologies it could be a good resource.

Topics covered include:

  • What is cryptography?
  • Bitcoin, is it really money?
  • Can governments regulate Bitcoin and other cryptos?
  • How do decentralized payment systems work?
  • What is mining and how does it work?
  • What is a Fork? (hard fork vs. soft fork)
  • Why have decentralized exchanges?
  • What is the risk of keeping my cryptocurriences on centralized exchanges?
  • How does the creation of Bitcoin work?
  • What is a hardware wallet?
  • What is a paper wallet?
  • What is a seed phrase?
  • What is Game Theory?
  • What are some of the shortcomings/drawbacks of blockchain technology?
  • What is the difference between cryptocurrencies vs. tokens?

So should you read Cryptocurrency Dawn of a New World Era?  That will really depend on how familiar you are with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.  If you already own several coins and have been keeping up with this new technology you probably will not gain much from reading this Book.  If you stumbled upon this website because you are a beginner unfamiliar with blockchain technology and are looking for a starter resource, read it!  You can usually grab this book on for under $20.  The Book is a short easy read under 100 pages with several references that you will want to check out.  

~ CryptoStuff

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