• A classic, gone digital. DGLD Now Exclusively Available in The PIT
    Blockchain Blog - 9 hours ago
    In October we introduced you to DGLD, a network with more than $20M in investment grade gold allocated in Swiss vaults and secured using Bitcoin.Now, as a result of excellent work within our walls and with our fellow partners behind DGLD (CoinShares and MKS), we’ve completed the next
  • Attention Traders! Win $25K by showing off your trading talent with our newest asset - Algo!
    Blockchain Blog - 1 week ago
    Algorand recently launched this year and is the first open source, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol. The native token, Algo, is new to the market and we’re excited to introduce it on the PIT to traders for the first time.
  • Expanding our Network: Partnering with Blockstack to Give Users the Keys to The Next Generation of dApps
    Blockchain Blog - 2 weeks ago
    We’re partnering with Blockstack to launch our second airdrop in the Blockchain Airdrop program to give away Stacks (STX) to Gold Level users in eligible geographies – for free!
  • Introducing Lending by Blockchain Markets
    Blockchain Blog - 4 weeks ago
    Today, we’re publicly unveiling our lending desk from Blockchain Markets. Since quietly launching to a select group of clients in August, our lending operation has quickly grown, making Blockchain.com one of the top five lenders in crypto.
  • Blockchain Ventures Invests in Blockchain-Gaming Leader Enjin
    Blockchain Blog - 1 month ago
    We’re excited to announce that Blockchain Ventures is the first equity investor in Enjin, a leading blockchain game development company responsible for bringing over 40 games and apps to the Ethereum network.
  • Introducing DGLD: Physical Gold Secured by the Bitcoin Blockchain
    Blockchain Blog - 1 month ago
    We’re proud to launch DGLD, a network with more than $20M in digitized gold secured by the bitcoin blockchain, with our partners Coinshares, Europe’s Largest Digital Asset Manager, and MKS (Switzerland) SA, part of the world’s most trusted gold group.
  • The World’s ‘Hardest’ Asset is Ironically Virtual
    Blockchain Blog - 2 months ago
    In an effort to help individuals navigate the complex world of crypto, the Blockchain Research Team breaks down hard assets and bitcoin’s emergence as the “hardest” asset.
  • Blockchain Monthly Update: October
    Blockchain Blog - 2 months ago
    Support and investment in the blockchain community has always been a vital pillar of Blockchain’s mission. In September, we completed strides in both areas to help catalyze new growth in the cryptosphere.
  • Welcome Howard Surloff: Blockchain's new General Counsel
    Blockchain Blog - 2 months ago
    We’re excited to announce that Howard Surloff has joined Blockchain as General Counsel. For over 25 years, Howard has turned legal strategy into a catalyst for massive growth at two of the world’s largest and most respected financial institutions, Blackrock and Goldman Sachs.
  • Team Spotlight: User Operations
    Blockchain Blog - 2 months ago
    Our products are truly a team effort and with the recent launch of The PIT we’ve decided to pull back the curtain on a few of the teams that make products like The PIT a reality.
  • Blockchain Monthly Update: September
    Blockchain Blog - 3 months ago
    Last month, in addition to launching The PIT, we announced partnerships and Wallet integrations that place users first, opening up new avenues to use crypto, and make your voices heard.
  • New Ways to Spend Bitcoin with your Blockchain Wallet
    Blockchain Blog - 3 months ago
    Today, spending crypto from your phone or online is even easier thanks to a new integration with BitPay.
  • Expanding our Network: Partnering with Polkadot to Empower User-Governance and Interoperability
    Blockchain Blog - 3 months ago
    Today, we’re partnering with the Polkadot Network to accelerate the adoption and decentralization of Polkadot tokens (“DOTs”) as it aims to solve the challenges of cross-blockchain interoperability and create a new paradigm for on-chain governance.
  • Blockchain Monthly Update: August
    Blockchain Blog - 3 months ago
    While it may have seemed like a quiet month from the outside looking in, our team was buzzing with anticipation, excitement, and a headstrong determination to get the crypto exchange of our dreams over the finish line and out into the world.
  • Meet The PIT Boss: Nicole Sherrod
    Blockchain Blog - 4 months ago
    The only thing harder than prying a finance executive out of retirement is hiding her away for over a year to lead the team behind your biggest product launch ever. Fortunately for us we were able to do just that when we hired Nicole Sherrod as our Head of Trading…