• Blockchain Monthly Update: August
    Blockchain Blog - 5 days ago
    While it may have seemed like a quiet month from the outside looking in, our team was buzzing with anticipation, excitement, and a headstrong determination to get the crypto exchange of our dreams over the finish line and out into the world.
  • Meet The PIT Boss: Nicole Sherrod
    Blockchain Blog - 1 week ago
    The only thing harder than prying a finance executive out of retirement is hiding her away for over a year to lead the team behind your biggest product launch ever. Fortunately for us we were able to do just that when we hired Nicole Sherrod as our Head of Trading…
  • Meet The PIT: The World’s Fastest Crypto Exchange
    Blockchain Blog - 2 weeks ago
    The secret is finally out. We’re launching The PIT, the fastest crypto exchange in the world. Here’s what you’ll find when you #EnterThePIT
  • Why we built the crypto exchange of our dreams.
    Blockchain Blog - 2 weeks ago
    We are crypto users first. That mindset has been at the heart of every product we’ve launched since 2011. Today, we start a new chapter.
  • Blockchain Monthly Update: July
    Blockchain Blog - 1 month ago
    It’s safe to say June was exciting for all of us in crypto, regardless of which tokens, networks, and assets you watch most closely. For this month’s update, we recap an eventful few weeks and share some Blockchain news, including a product roll-out, milestone and published research.
  • Airdrops, Adoption, & What’s Ahead
    Blockchain Blog - 1 month ago
    Late last year we introduced our plans to distribute crypto to the masses and pave the way for further adoption through the Blockchain Airdrop Program. Since then – we’ve completed our first airdrop and learned a lot along the way.
  • Event Spotlight: Garrick Hileman at CryptoCompare’s 2019 Digital Asset Summit
    Blockchain Blog - 1 month ago
    Garrick Hileman, Blockchain’s Head of Research, spoke at CryptoCompare’s Digital Asset Summit about The Future of Stablecoins. Our team caught up with Garrick to hear his takeaways from the event.
  • Introducing our General Crypto Investment Thesis
    Blockchain Blog - 1 month ago
    Bitcoin and other digital asset ownership has grown from thousands of pioneers to over 30 million people today. Our investment thesis provides a comprehensive view of what’s driving that growth, and the remaining challenges ahead for cryptoassets to be widely adopted.
  • Blockchain Monthly Update: June
    Blockchain Blog - 2 months ago
    Over the last year we’ve been in non-stop build mode. So we’re kicking off monthly blog updates to keep you in the loop on what’s going on at Blockchain.
  • What is the Paxos Standard? A Primer on Our Wallet’s Newest Cryptoasset
    Blockchain Blog - 2 months ago
    USD PAX eliminates price volatility and gives users around the world an entirely new way to send value, manage inflation, mitigate trading risk, and gain exposure to the US dollar.
  • We fixed the dollar, by fixing it to crypto
    Blockchain Blog - 3 months ago
    Adding a digital dollar to the wallet is just the latest in a series of initiatives we have, and will continue to develop, to show you how powerful it is to “Be Your Own Bank.”
  • What is Stellar? A Primer on Our Wallet’s Newest Cryptoasset
    Blockchain Blog - 3 months ago
    Founded in 2014 by crypto pioneer Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim, Stellar is designed to be a “world-wide payment network” that facilitates the fast exchange of currencies, assets and tokens with negligible transaction fees.
  • Ending support for Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) in the Blockchain Wallet
    Blockchain Blog - 4 months ago
    We’re invested in the long-term health of the crypto ecosystem and are mindful to support cryptocurrencies that are reliable, safe, and convenient. Since January we’ve offered limited support for Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV) and have been closely monitoring activity of the BSV network since the hard fork in
  • Crypto on your terms: taking back your financial sovereignty
    Blockchain Blog - 5 months ago
    At Blockchain, we’ve always believed that without having full control over your private key, you’re missing the defining aspect of crypto: user controlled, sovereign assets.
  • The Airdrop That Keeps On Giving
    Blockchain Blog - 5 months ago
    This week, we’re excited to provide another way to use crypto with ease and security, while unleashing generosity across the Blockchain community.