Bitcoin Billionaires by Ben Mezrich

Bitcoin Billionaires (the “Book”) is a dramatic, narrative by Ben Mezrich (the “Author”) based on the collection of dozens of interviews, hundreds of sources, and thousands of pages of documents, including records from court proceedings.  The Author re-created the scenes in the Book based on the collection.  In some instances, details of settings and descriptions were changed or imagined according to the Author’s Note in the Book.

The story of how Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (the “Winklevoss Twins”) became the first bitcoin billionaires opens with their upbringing, time at Harvard, and court case settlement with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg before moving into to the topic of Bitcoin.  I enjoyed the Book and I would recommend it to anybody.  The story will be interesting to all readers, not just cryptocurrency fanatics.

My takeaway from reading this Book is that Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space is new technology with a lot of differing opinions on its future use, and I believe at this point to think that cryptocurrencies will disappear in the future would be foolish.  My logic for this rationale is simple there are many high level topics and problems that people believe cryptocurrencies will be the solution to. The rate of development alone in blockchain technology in 2019 was impressive.

As I was reading the Book, it was the personalities of the Winklevoss Twins, Roger Ver, and the countless others mentioned throughout the story that made me understand why the cryptocurrency space will be a big deal in the future.  All these personalities may disagree as to the future use of cryptocurrencies, but my guess is none of them are saying anything along the lines of “I wish this thing was never created because things aren’t going my way.” The proponent personalities of those involved are the type that bend but don’t break.

“A cryptic invite to a cryptic doorway.  Makes sense, considering the theme.”   ~ from Bitcoin Billionaires

~ CryptoStuff

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